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Take Notes of this Dates to Enjoy 2014 Harvest Festival [Agenda]

Already February, typical harvest cuecas heard around the corner (Mendocinian folk), and for your enjoyment there are many activities! In this post we tell you what is included in the Harvest Agenda and give you dates and times so you don´t miss a thing!!

What Shows & Events 2014 Harvest Festival includes?

Jazz on the Lake

It will bring together local musicians of this genre to play in the Island of the Lake of San Martin Park.

100 Serenade

It will be held in all towns in the province.This initiative seeks to honor the people of Mendoza and tourists who visit us, rescuing the tradition of Cuyo musicians at various points of Mendoza, providing a spontaneous encounter with our roots.

Only Children

Theaer and and puppet cycle for children.

Federal week

Mendoza will offer tourists and locals: musical culture, crafts, cuisine, arts, identity and roots in the Prado, Español at San Martín Park daily from 22 to 28 February at 8pm.


You´ll be invited to taste more than 250 wines and sparkling wines from the best wineries in the province in a unique event in the country. Art shows and food court.

Via Blanca and Carousel

Queens competing for the national scepter of the Harvest will guide this parade.It is a sort of “Comparsa” with huge floats competing for being the most striking with stunning lighting effects, water fountains, giant puppets, singers, dancers and actors.

Central Act National Harvest Festival 2014

The show will feature over 870 artists on stage.For the first time, the music in its entirety live, composed of 40 musiciansfrom Mendoza .

2014 Vendimia Agenda

[table caption=”2014 Harvest Festival Agenda” width=”700″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|right”]

;mon 17 February;

9.00;100 Serenade;Maipú CityHall (Maipú)

9.30;100 Serenade;Nacion Bank (Maipú)

10.00;100 Serenade;Police Deparment (Maipú)

10.30;100 Serenade; Paroissien Hospital(Maipú)

20.00;Jazz in the Lake;Lake Island in San Martin Park

;tue, 18 February;

20.00;Jazz in the Lake;Lake Island in San Martin Park

;wed 19 February;

20.00;Jazz in the Lake;Lake Island in San Martin Park

;sat 22 February;

17.00;Only Children;Pulgarcito Theatre at San Martí­n Park.

20.00;Semana Federal;Prado Español at San Martí­n Park

;sun 23 February;

17.00;Only Children;Pulgarcito Theatre at San Martí­n Park.

20.00;Semana Federal;Prado Español at San Martí­n Park

;mon 24 February;

20.00;100 Serenade;Benegas Park (Godoy Cruz)

20.00;Semana Federal;Prado Español at San Martí­n Park

21.00;100 Serenade;Villa Hipódromo, Paso de Los Andes

;tue 25 February;

20.00;Semana Federal;Prado Español en el Parque San Martí­n

;wed 26 February;

10.00;100 Serenatas;Mercado Central

11.00;100 Serenatas;Las Heras y San Martí­n

12.00;100 Serenatas;Garibaldi y San Martí­n

13.00;100 Serenatas;Peatonal Sarmiento

20.00;Semana Federal;Prado Español at San Martí­n Park

;thu 27 February;

20.00;Semana Federal;Prado Español at San Martí­n Park

21.00;Megatasting;Sarmiento St, Mendoza City

;fri 28 February;

20.00;Semana Federal;Prado Español at San Martí­n Park

21.00;Megatasting; Sarmiento St., Mendoza

;sun 2 March;

21.00;Fruits Blessing;Prado Gaucho, at San Martin Park

21.00;Megatasting; Sarmiento St., Ciudad de Mendoza

;mon 3 March;

20.00;Baile de las Reinas;Espacio Cultural Julio Le Parc

21.00;Megadegustación de Vendimia;Calle Sarmiento, Ciudad de Mendoza

;tue 4 March;

21.00;Vendimia en el Arena, Vino  Gourmet;Hotel Arena Maipú

;wed 5 March;

21.00;Fiesta de la Cosecha;Aeropuerto Francisco Gabrielli

;fri 7 March;

21.00;Vía Blanca de las Reinas;Streets of Mendoza Downtown

;sat 8 March;

10.00;Carrusel;Streets of Mendoza Downtown

22.00;2014 Harvest Festival Main act;Anfiteatro Griego Frank Romero Day

;sun 9 March;

22.00;2nd Repetition;Anfiteatro Griego Frank Romero Day

;mon 10 March;

22.00;3rd Repetition;Anfiteatro Griego Frank Romero Day

;tue 11 March;

22.00;4th Repetition;Anfiteatro Griego Frank Romero Day


We hope you enjoy Mendoza Big Festival! If you find this agenda usefull or have some info to add, please leave your comment!

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