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106 Wineries, 5 Regions and 1 Guide to Visit Them All!

28 Oct

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Diviners is not what we are, but if you come to Mendoza, we can predict that you really like wine, and you’ll be visiting wineries to sample their wines (Learn How to Taste in 4 Simple Steps).The problem is that of the 950 wineries in Argentina, almost 700 are in Mendoza (What a nice problem!), Although not all are open to tourism, around 120 are happy to invite you in!But …

If you ask yourself: Where do I start to organize my wine tours? Which wineries are open to tourism? How do I book my tour? No worry, we think of you and we prepared a solution.Keep reading to find the answer!

We prepare a guide with wineries open to tourism in Mendoza divided by region, order alphabetically, and for each one you will find the address, email or phone to make your tour reservation. We call it:

Mendoza, 106 Wineries, 5 Regions and 1 Guide to Visit them all!

Download Mendoza Winery Guide here

As a bonus we will send you (no more than 1 per month) Promotions and News for you to enjoy Mendoza!


14 Tips for Enjoying the Best Holidays in Mendoza

30 Sep

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Picture this, you are about to begin to savor your holidays in Mendoza , your trip is right around the corner. And you want to know everything you need, in order to enjoy your ( deserved ) vacation in the Land of Sun and the Great Wines and come ups you don’t know who to ask for advise. No Problem !

To help you know what you have to know (redundant but needed), we made your homework, we asked advice for your upcoming trip, so you can tale the most of your visit to Mendoza . We did’t ask to some random guy, we asked those who know. Keep reading for the advise of famous Mendoza Chefs, Wineries, Travel managers , people who work in tourism and are experienced travelers . Want to know what they said ? You are welcome to RT your favorite advise!


Mendoza Travel Q&A

You are planning your vacation to Mendoza, and when the arrival time comes closer, you start wondering lots of things?Would you like to be as well informed as possible to enjoy more of your trip? Then this post is for you! I will try to dispel these doubts you have about tourism in the land of sun and great wine, and if there are any questions you don’t find here, just leave it in the comments below and I’ll include it in the future.

Before I start, I’d like to clarify that all these questions are from curious travelers just like you. That said, let’s begin!