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Villa Mansa is Celebrating its 3 Years Old! This is our Gift for you! [Win a Night at the Hotel]

21 Apr

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Yeap you can start singins Happy Bearthday to us! On April 8th we turned 3 years old 😀 . And the truth is that we are all very happy with the people we have met in this years, and also that you enjoyed Mendoza while staying at the hotel! So we want this birthday to be a bit different, so do not bring gifts because we have a present for you!

Wine a Night at Villa Mansa Wine Hotel

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Classical Music on the Wine Roads of Mendoza

7 Apr

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Do you think wine tastes better if you enjoy it with good music? A university study in Edinburgh says it does! So in Mendoza we have organized for the las 14 years this festival to pair wine and classical music. As if that were not attractive enough, we also like to mentions the shows take place in wineries, churches, nature reserves and places with much cultural value just to make the wine taste even better! Keep reading to find out where, when and how to get tickets to enjoy the Festival! (more…)