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Villa Mansa is Celebrating its 3 Years Old! This is our Gift for you! [Win a Night at the Hotel]

21 Apr

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Yeap you can start singins Happy Bearthday to us! On April 8th we turned 3 years old :-D . And the truth is that we are all very happy with the people we have met in this years, and also that you enjoyed Mendoza while staying at the hotel! So we want this birthday to be a bit different, so do not bring gifts because we have a present for you!

Wine a Night at Villa Mansa Wine Hotel

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I Want to Win that Night!

When and How will you know if you win?

On May 21st we are gonna post the name of the winner in our Social profiles, so make sure you like us on facebook or/and follow us on twitter to know if you are the lucky winner!

In order to participate you agree this terms and conditions..

Classical Music on the Wine Roads of Mendoza

7 Apr

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Do you think wine tastes better if you enjoy it with good music? A university study in Edinburgh says it does! So in Mendoza we have organized for the las 14 years this festival to pair wine and classical music. As if that were not attractive enough, we also like to mentions the shows take place in wineries, churches, nature reserves and places with much cultural value just to make the wine taste even better! Keep reading to find out where, when and how to get tickets to enjoy the Festival! (more…)

5 Wine Questions Answered by Mendoza Wineries

27 Mar

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When you arrive to Mendoza and visit some wineries to learn about the magical transformation of grapes into wine, we are sure you’ll have questions and doubts, so we thought it was a good idea to write a post with FAQS wineries receive from tourists like you! Keep reading to discover how many bunches of grapes are needed for a bottle of wine, why Malbec is Argentina’s flagship wine and how rose wine is make! (more…)

20 Photos of the Harvest Festival in Mendoza you Want to See

11 Mar

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If for some strange reason you were not in Mendoza for the celebrations of the 2014 Harvest Festival, we prepared this summary with 20 photos for you to see the best of the great Mendocina Fiesta! You’ll see the Queens at the Harvest Festival, the Blessing of the Fruit, the Carousel and Via Blanca and finally in Harvest Central Act where was elected our National Harvest Queen 2014, Sofia Haudet. (more…)

Take Notes of this Dates to Enjoy 2014 Harvest Festival [Agenda]

Already February, typical harvest cuecas heard around the corner (Mendocinian folk), and for your enjoyment there are many activities! In this post we tell you what is included in the Harvest Agenda and give you dates and times so you don´t miss a thing!!

What Shows & Events 2014 Harvest Festival includes?


7 Recommended Wines from Mendoza to Pair our Restaurant Menu

23 Jan

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Do you like to choose just the perfect wine to accompany your meal? But you are not always sure which wine is the ideal?No problem! Keep reading and Ruth Ade (Our Sommelier :D ) will suggest a few wines that are a perfect match to the delicious menu of our Restaurant.

Let’s begin with your Starter…

The delicate combination of seafood, seasonings and crispy wrapper make our Seafood Empanadas one of the most requested in the Restaurant.To accompany this entree we recommend you a bottle of Finca La Linda Blend (Chardonnay/Viognier) at a temperature between 8 ° and 12 °.This temperature allows you to appreciate the characteristics and flavors of the wine and the soft texture of seafood without covering it flavor!

As Main Course, What will you choose?

If you choose the Steak with Caramelized Onions on Potato Rosti with Malbec …

We encourage you to try a Cabernet Sauvignon to pair this meal (even though the dish is prepared with Malbec).This dish is fantastically tasty, by its delicious marbling that draw lines between the muscles of the rib-eye.The sweet but dim s touch of caramelized onions and crispy potatoes are the perfect complement.

Either Rutini Cabernet Sauvignon or Nieto Senetiner Cabernet Sauvignon, will be an excellent choice to pair this dish with robust flavors.

If you prefer our Goat Cake with Zucchinis in butter with lemon chutney Plums and Red Onions

We suggest you to opt for a delicate and velvety Syrah from our wine cellar. With the delicious goat cake, your palate can taste the fresh for one side the citric acid touch of lemon and butter, an in the other side, the sweet touch that gives us the plum chutney and red onions.

Which Syrah do we recommend? The first, a Nieto Senetiner made ??from grapes of Lujan de Cuyo and the other a Luigi Bosca Reserva Syrah of delicate bouquet and palate, made ??with grapes from their farms in Maipú.

Time for Desserts

As for the desserts on our menu, whatever your choice, we are humbly sure that it will be successful.Each dessert contains a finely thought combination of fresh and regional products that will make your after dinner a special moment.And the wines, what better opportunity to accompany this occasion with a selection of sparkling wines from our wine list.

We can suggest either a the sparkling wine Finca La Linda Extra Brut or a Trumpeter Brut.But at this point, we don´t want you to keep making decisions, so we suggest you to start our first recommendation and then continue with the other one.

Cheers and “Bon Appétit” and answer this: Whats the best COMBINATION of wine and food you ever experienced?